Saturday, April 29, 2006

Life Lessons From Your Soul - Respecting Self & Others

The best relationships are built on trust. Trust begins first within yourself. The soul sends us many lessons around trust. One way we are asked to learn trust is through setting boundaries that bring harmony to self and others you care about. When the soul sends you a lesson, ask the personality to size up the situation through a simple question: How will this choice affect me and others in my life? If the answer creates pain for you or others, that choice will not create further trust. If the answer creates love then the soul quality of trust can flow freely for you and for others involved.

The soul will always send you experiences to teach you about who you really are. The personality makes the choices through the free will of the soul/personality partnership. It is up to you to choose from wisdom, trust and love.


At 11:18 PM, Blogger DrDarcy said...

GRAB ME! I am very dependent on the current outcome of a goal, that I think the universe would BE in alignment with: I am making a DVD/video to accompany a book being published, Virgin Sex: A girl's guide to safe and healthy sex. I am so stressed about having the "right teen mix" to represent teens in this video, but things DON'T seem to be coming together. It is helpful to remember that MY goals may differ from the Universe's Goals and well, maybe, just maybe, I should let go now, with all that I have done...and LET GOD take over!


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