Saturday, March 15, 2008

Life Lessons From Your Soul - Big Fat Awesome News!!!

Beginning on April 7, 2008, I will be seen on Internet Television on my own cooking show through what is sure to be the hit website This site is a spin off from Will Ferrell's site

I have a weekly show on wheat free, dairy free and chemical free cooking. I share recipes that I originally published in my first cookbook written over 8 years ago at my former Bed & Breakfast, Harmony Oaks in Saluda, South Carolina. I also previously taught cooking classes at Earth Fare Whole Foods Market in Columbia, South Carolina. At the B&B, we served only wheat free, dairy free and mostly organic foods. Thank you to all who experienced my cooking there. Your comments made this current opportunity possible.

But wait!!! There's more!!!! I am now launching a new website on Delicious and Healthy cooking (link coming soon) where you can purchase my new cookbook - "14 Days Wheat and Dairy Free" in which you will find breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert for 14 days along with tips on every page and shopping lists. I make it so easy for you to take the challenge of eliminating wheat and dairy for just 14 days for your health.

Also on my new website I will soon have a guide to "Eating Out While Doing Without Wheat and Dairy". When you sign up for my e-mail list, you will receive 2 special reports about how gluten and dairy could be affecting your health entitled "A Glutton for Gluten" and "Drowing in Dairy". You will also receive a monthly free recipe, tips, stories and resources to help you live a delicious and healthy life.

But don't stop reading . . . THERE'S EVEN MORE!!!!! I will also be offering coaching for your health - mind, body and spirit. If you need help navigating the world of gluten, dairy and chemical free living and the emotional and mental challenges that can befall you. I am your guide. I have been there myself having healed over a dozen illnesses in my body including severe food allergies. I can get to your core issues in less than an hour and help you heal while offering tips to heal you.

Those websites again are:
After April 7, 2008 for the internet TV show
After March 20th for my new website: Link to come
I am SOOOOOOOOO excited and cannot wait to help you by going back to my healing roots with wheat free, dairy free and chemical free cooking.

Made With Love for You,

Doctor Meg
"Healing your life one choice at a time."

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Monday, March 03, 2008

Life Lessons from Your Soul - Asking For Help

Yesterday while walking on the beach, I called a friend of mine to see if she could come out and walk with me. She had been sick with a nasty stomach flu and was staying inside. As we talked for a few moments, I thought to myself; "Offer to go to the store for her . . .". It is my nature to help people who need it. Sometimes I do this to a fault, neglecting my own needs for another. I chose to hold myself back from asking her if she needed me. I wished her well and we hung up the phone.

A few minutes later, she called me back and she asked for help. I immediately gave it to her saying I'd be happy to go to the store for her and help her in her time of need. We talked about how hard it was for her to ask for my help and I shared how hard it was for me to not automatically give it.

How is it that we have come to live in a world where asking for help is so difficult that we over analyze the situation to the point where giving and receicing have become arduous tasks? There are so many schools of thought that tell us not to be too much of something we naturally are because we might over give or ask for more than we 'deserve'. Isn't it our birthright to ask for what we need and just trust that someone in our lives will be available to provide it for us?

I was ashamed that I did not just step up to the plate and offer help. She was ashamed that she did not just step up to her plate and ask for help. We were in a lock down of helplessness in an incredibly obvious situation where providing help was so unbelievably simple in this amazingly complex city where help is rarely around the corner.

My friend and I learned a valuable life lesson yesterday. Just be yourself. If you feel compelled to offer help and you have the time to do it. Just do it. If you need help, simply ask for it and KNOW you 'deserve' it just by virtue of the fact that you are a human being in need.

Thank you my friend for showing me what I already knew. Help is always around the corner.

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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Life Lessons from Your Soul - Feeling Love

Recently, someone dear to me asked me a question that sent me on a journey of self exploration. It was an unexpected quest I embarked upon but a fulfilling one. The question was this:

"When do you feel love?"

My immediate answer was "I am love. How would I not feel it?"

At that moment, I looked out at the sea and saw Dolphins swimming by. I ran to the glass doorway and said "I'm feeling love right now!! The Dolphins connect me to love."

I continued asking myself that question and found that I feel love more often than I would have thought I did and under more circumstances than I thought I would. I also found that simply through entering the awareness of that question, I essentially uped my "love quotient" by noticing when I felt love.

When do you feel love? What connects you to the feeling of love and what does not? Can you still feel love in the darkness of a difficult situation? Can you attemt to?

Enter into the richness of this quest. You too may be surprised.

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Friday, December 21, 2007

May the blessings of Peace, Love and Joy fill your heart and your homes as your personality chooses to enter more deeply into Love in the year to come.

I thank all of you who have supported my walk of Love this last year and the many who will come in the next one. Together we can create a powerful change in Earth School that begins within each one of us.

Find the Joy, Peace and Love within you by taking the time to connect with the beautiful offerings that Earth School provides us. Take time to call a loved one just to say "I love you." Take a hot bath or watch a sunset. Spend time with your child or significant other that focuses on what they desire to do and really be present for them. They will never forget it.

There are many things you can do this Holiday Season to gain access to our inherent ability to love and be loved. "Let it out, let it in" as the Beatles sing. Give, receive and allow. Find your own song and sing it with fervor! Be Love.

Happy Holidays to You and Yours!
With Deep Love,
Dr. Meg

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Monday, November 19, 2007

Life Lessons From Your Soul - Holiday Family Tips

Holiday's traditionally bring out the child within as we visit parents, siblings and extended family members to celebrate the honored tradition of our families through holiday togetherness. This is the time of the year when colds are caught, aches and pains are more painful and general emotional swings are had by many.

Our families of origin bring out the best and the worst in us. They are the original teachers who awaken the patterns we travel into this life with. Parents and siblings are the wayshowers of our dark sides. The darkness is simply there to teach about the lightness of who we really are. As we struggle with the classic battle within us between the negative and positive emotions, we energetically choose family that will help us develop our personalities to evolve into the treasures of our souls.

So, here are some things to think about as you spend time with family:

Families will trigger you into the negative aspects of your personality until you choose the power of your soul to bring light to the situation. If you are playing to an old drama with your mom, for instance, in which she brings up your irritability, please know that you do not have to remain a slave to that old pattern. Your greatest triumph in that pattern will come when you have accepted that your mom is like that and you cannot change how she relates to you. You can, however change how you relate to the old drama and how you relate to your mother.

You can change this pattern through accessing acceptance by inviting it into the drama. When acceptance of yourself is present, it becomes easier to accept your mother. One way to accept her is to appreciate her. Take your irritation and turn it into appreciation. Make a list of what she is great at. Be grateful you have a mother who wants you there with her during the holidays. Be grateful that she has a home for you to come to. Find anything and everything to be grateful for when it comes to your mom. Notice her wonderful qualities and how you express them in your daily life. Stick with this no matter how hard it may be for you.

The soul expresses itself in qualities. Your mother passed her qualities to you - or more accurately - you already had these qualities and attracted your mother to bring them out in you. Focus on what ever those qualities may be - enthusiasm, acceptance, diplomacy, kindness, loving, caring, thoughtfulness, appreciation. Those are all qualities of the soul that the personality has the free will to access and expand upon any time you desire to.

If you are aware enough that you have attracted this article into your sphere, know that you are the one who has what you need to shift the dynamics between you and your family members. Each one of them has their perceptions, their point of view on the dramas that occur. Do not forget that they operate from thier point of view just as you do. They are likely not self aware and cannot see the drama from the perspecitve of the observer - the soul as you can. You have this level of awareness. See the drama for the illusion that it is and make a different choice - choose love.

Keep checking for more holiday tips to live in partnership between the personality and your soul from Dr. Meg Haworth - The Success Intuitive - Offering targeted readings for YOUR success. Radio Show Workshops Workbook Series

Become who you are and just BE that.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Life Lessons from Your Soul - Things to be

Lately I have been in creation mode. I have been getting a new website developed. I have been meeting with amazing people who are possible partners for me and my work (details to come). I have been setting a schedule for fall. I am taking Chellie Campbell's Financial Stress Reduction Workshop - and I completed three commercials for Heinz Kethcup. None of them made the final cut but they were a huge blast of fun and creativity. To view them, click on the following links:

In November, I fly to DC for Thanksgiving with my family. I will also be going to Columbia South Carolina to work with clients and to teach a workshop. I will be in Columbia from the 14th-19th of November. I will be working in Dr. Darcy Luadzers office on Calhoun Street across from the Governers Mansion on Friday and Saturday of that weekend. Please call or e-mail to schedule a session with me. That Sunday, I plan to conduct a workshop on my newest program "Earth School; Life Lessons from Your Soul". I will let everyone know where it is going to be.

From November 19-27, I will be in Arlington, Virginia with my family. I will see clients in the DC area on Friday and Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend. That Sunday, I will conduct the same workshop for the folks in DC. I am so excited about this trip!!!

In December, I will be in Houston, Texas for my Nephew's wedding on the 15th. But first, I go to Austin, Texas where I will be working with clients and also conducting a my Earth School workshop. I will be in Austin the weekend of the 8th of December. I will also see individual clients there. I am truly thrilled to be traveling, teaching, speaking and working with clients. Folks, this is my dream life. Everyone who comes to see me or takes my workshop - I thank you all for making my dream come true!! You are all awesome!!!

Another great thing that is happening is that I have the absolute honor of being invited to world class editor, Stephanie Gunning's anthology on creativity. She invited about 25 of her favorite writer friends and clients and I was one of them!!! I am thrilled to share this with you. I will let you all know when that book comes out. Thanks to everyone of you who help me be me in this world!! Things just keep getting better all the time! See Stephanie's work at

Go listen to the radio show too!! The show gets better every week. I love doing it and I am so very comfortable with the show. Listen at

What's up with you all???? Write me and keep me posted!

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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Life Lessons from You Soul - Hollywood "Ethics"

The word 'ethics' and Hollywood don't fit well in the same sentence. I walked into my first Hollywood lesson with the part I got in the Heinz commercial. You know, the one with 'no pay'. I asked the casting director/producer what the commercial was for. (Intuitively, I smelled a rat and wanted to poke around a bit to see what he was up to.) He told me it was for a commercial contest. So I Googled 'Heinz commercial competition'. It turns out the winner gets $57,000.00.

I come from the world of Metaphysics. It's a world where sharing the wealth is not only ethical, moral, reasonable and integrous, it is our birthright. I felt empowered when I called up the talent agency to find out what the industry standard was in a case such as this. The agency told me that when money is made off of my image after a spec commercial gets picked up, it is in fact the standard for the production to pay the actor in arrears for the work. He said to go back to the producer and ask him to sign a contract that would pay me a daily rate if he does, in fact win. He also said that if he refused, to NOT taked the job because he is 'not a decent human being'.

I went to the producer to ask and left a detailed voicemail. He did not return my phone call. Two days later, only a day and a half prior to the shoot, I e-mailed him asking for a contract. He e-mailed the day before saying "We won't be needing you for this project . . ." I knew it!!! He was one of those Hollywood types that gives all of them a bad name. He makes money off of the work of others while they starve, reel in hand and 'credit' for a commercial when commercials don't have credits.

Was I upset by all this? NO WAY!! Was I empowered by this? ABSOLUTELY!! When someone you know chooses to act with no integrity and you say yes to it by compromising yourself, you will always end up feeling bad about what you did. People like this will continue to operate in the world as long as others agree to their lack of integrity. I felt so empowered that I said no. I felt so strong that I did not participate when my gut told me not to. I was not the least bit disappointed in his choices. They were his choices. He did not do it to intentionally hurt anyone. He only did it to serve himself. People like that create their own misery. And that kind of thing never goes unnoticed by the nonphysical world.

Stay tuned for the next installment when I tell you how, along with my Hollywood friends, we make our own commercial for Heinz. You never know where something will lead you . . .

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