Thursday, June 29, 2006

Life Lessons From Your Soul - Wake Up Calls

Wake up calls are what send most of us on the spiritual journey of coming to know the self. When something happens that clearly makes us examine our lives, it is our responsibility to be honest in our thoughtful self examination. This can be a difficult task to undertake. Life's difficult experiences will knock on the door of your heart over and over again until your personality chooses to recognize the wisdom of the soul. One may have realizations that create an opening in the heart and may wake up for a moment, only to fall right back asleep again.

The choice to change comes from the individual who receives the wake up call. It can only come from within as it is a deeply personal decision to allow the soul to show the personality what it is to learn. When you do choose to discover what the soul is showing you, it is so important to receive help from a trained professional who can assist you in your process. Guidance and direction are necessary to learn anything new. You may have raw talent on the piano but until you take lessons to understand the instrument, you will remain unskilled. Choose to gain the skills necessary to develop the personality through the teachings of the soul. Then you can evolve through love.