Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Life Lessons From Your Soul - Dr. Meg now has an internet radio show!!!

Very soon, you will be able to tune in each week to hear "Life Lessons From Your Soul" on the radio at www.bigmediausa.com . After the first show is recorded on March 22, 2007, you will be able to access the show and link to hear it probably by Monday March 26, 2007.

My first show is entitled "What The Bleep is Transpersonal Psychology". This will serve as an introduction to the show and all the great things I have in store for listeners all over the world (including readings for those who e-mail questions to me)!!

My first few guests include:
Dr. Darcy, Author and Sex Therapist talking about "Sexuality and the Soul"
Paul D. Nunn, Evolutionary Intuitive Astrologer talking about "Your Soul's Blueprint"
Moira Shepherd, Healer, Coach, Radio Personality, talking about "Midlife Miracles"

This illustrious list will grow and grow and you will have many resources to evolve your soul through your personality.
Tune in when YOU want each week and listen to Dr. Meg - Your Global Voice for the Soul.

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Friday, March 09, 2007

Life Lessons From Your Soul - Success

Have you ever really examined success? There are many definitions of what being successful means. On the personality level, it typically refers to someone who does everything the 'right' way and makes a lot of money doing it. Sometimes, it just means the person makes a lot of money.

Recently, I attended a workshop on success where each person got to write out their definition of success. It was a great exercise to think about what I feel being successful means. It certainly included the earth school requirement of money and living well but that was not the defining measure of success to me.

To me, being successful requires being the best person I can be. It comes down to integrity, truth and being of service to others who may be in need of the very kind of help I provide. It means being a wayshower in the raising of the consciousness of humanity.

As I looked at my definition, I saw that many of the people who are regarded as highly successful in our world, actually are not to me. I felt that if people were taking advantage of one another, lieing, stealing, bullying and cheating to get their tons of money then they had money but not success.

It was a wonderful examination that led me to feel more successful than I ever had because I am doing all the things that being successful requires to me. The abundance to keep being the success I am will follow - it always has and I trust it always will.

What is your definition of success? Are you a successful, evolving soul living in successful partnership with your personality? Post a comment. Let me know.

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