Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Life Lessons From Your Soul - Meaning

There is a popular teaching out there in the self-help world that says; "Nothing means anything except what you make it mean." For me, this phrase always carried feeling of being devoid of something very important. 'Nothing' and 'anything' carry with them a finality that is inescapable. One of the biggest deep-seated fears of the human existance is, in fact, nothingness which can translate into meaninglessness. Pretty soon, one can feel dug into a hole by the limited nature of such expressions.

The above mentioned expression can absolutely be true when you place meaning upon a locket that your Grandmother gave to you. But does that locket no longer have meaning when it's no longer in your possession? Does it lose its meaning sitting in your jewelry box or if you find out something terrible about your Grandmother? There seems to be an arrogance to the expression that assumes that only humans can lend meaning to things. The expression is wholely human and without Divinity. That's why it feels empty . . .

To reframe the expression into truth, it would go something like this: "Everything has meaning whether you know what it is or not." The mountains and sky do not get their meaning from me. They are inherent with deep meaning because they are a part of the all that is. Everything is a part of the Divine. I may lend them deeper meaning than the person sitting next to me but that comes from my personality. The truth is felt with the unending energy of the soul.

When you feel limited by a popular expression that does not ring of truth to you, it is an expression that comes from the impermanent personality. When you feel set free from the expressions that fall upon your ears and heart, you have heard an undeniable message of the soul. If you feel the void in something, you can examine it for truth. When you discover the truth, you then fill the void with love.


Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Life Lessons From Your Soul - Rejection

We all will go through rejection and its ensuing effects throughout our lives. One of the things that can make the stinging effects of rejection so much worse than need be is the level of attachment that we have to the thing that we 'think' we want. When our personalites attach to our wants we can set ourselves up for pain in rejection.

The natural state of the soul is detachment. It knows your life path and sends you your lessons accordingly. Our lessons are learned from the choices that we make. Our choices are made from both our conscious and unconscious minds simultaneously. The ability to observe yourself within the experience of your lesson is the bird's eye viewpoint of the soul.

The lesson of rejection is trust. Our personalities call upon our soul's energy to access the quality of trust. What you learn to trust is that not everything you think you want is how you will best serve others or best be served. Within your rejection experience and its ensuing emotions lie the gift of a different possibility that you may not have thought of. The possibility will unfold for you when you let go of something. That something will be up to you as it is different for each of us.

Belief in the possibility that there is a better experience on the other side of your rejection coupled with trust, faith and surrender will see you through your rejection experience. You will see. Soon, what you were attached to will be a distant memory of your soul's lesson and something more will come along.


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Life Lessons From Your Soul - Romantic Love

February is the month of love and Saint Valentine's Day is the day of celebration of love of all kinds. Romantic love is what most people think about on this chosen day of love. What is romantic love anyway?

In many ways, romantic love is a delicious, tasty illusion that brings two souls together for the purpose of creation and evolution. A romantic partner is one of the greatest opporutnites for us to evolve as souls through our personalities. They reflect back to us what we love about ourselves and eventually, they show us what we don't love all that much. Our romantic partners are our wayshowers to help us unveil who we really are through presenting us with healing opportunities.

Romantic love can lead you down many pathways. You may have the experience of mad, passionate, head over heels craziness. You may have a tumlutuous, thunder clap of dizzying madness. You may have a love unrequited. You may have a smooth, easy, peaceful ride on calming seas or you may have a tiny spark that grows into a roaring fire over time.

What ever leads you into a romatic partnership comes from what the two created in the past and desire to create for the future. You may experience many emotions in romance that bring you to this connection with another. How ever it happens for you, is your story or pathway to love and relationship. Each path will be different.

The dizziness, hormones, craziness and passion usually subside over time. This does not always mean you are no longer 'in love' with your mate. It simply means that the nature of your love is shifting to a more realistic rendering of relationship. Look at what you do have with one another. Do you honor, respect, enjoy and have faith in one another? These qualities of the spirit will see you through the smoldering embers of your beginnings. As you grow these qualities in your partnership, you will create a lasting, deep and meaningful bond of two souls who have come together to evolve with one another.

Happy Valentine's Day!


Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Life Lessons From Your Soul - Victims

Everyone knows what it is like to feel victimized by someone else. We have all been betrayed or hurt by another. We have all been through difficulties at the hands or sharp tongues of others. The victim and abuser cycle is as old as time and an archetypal story that gets played over and over, each and every day.

Abusers need victims and victims need abusers in order to keep the cycle going. As a victim, you agree to the cycle of abuse as long as you stay and take it. As an abuser, you will always find a victim who is willing, on some level to continue they cycle of abuse. Victim and abuser are, in fact, two sides of the same coin. One cannot exist without the other.

We live in a society that has a tremendous respect for the victim. We have an entire legal system that is dedicated to ensuring the victims are set free and the abusers are caught and put away - even if it does not always work that way.

We all must travel through the archetype of victim and abuser. It is the classic hero's journey. Our personalities experience this through the lessons of the soul. In this pairing, we are being taught the lessons of responsibility. We are being asked to look at what we have done to contribute to this classic story. What did we say yes to that directly compromised ourselves? How can we make a different choice next time that no longer perpetuates the cycle of victimization? You will know. The truth will come within the lessons.

If you feel you are being victimized by someone, what are you saying yes to? If you are using your victimization to get the sympathies of others, are you victimizing those you are manipulating for attention? Look deeply and be honest. If you are in victim, the abuser will be present. Where can you take responsibility for you?

Call upon your strength to help you answer the tough questions. Allow your soul to teach you responsibility or what ever your lesson may be. You are responsible for you, no one else is. Give the gift of respect to yourself and claim 'victim no more'.