Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Life Lessons From Your Soul - Rejection

We all will go through rejection and its ensuing effects throughout our lives. One of the things that can make the stinging effects of rejection so much worse than need be is the level of attachment that we have to the thing that we 'think' we want. When our personalites attach to our wants we can set ourselves up for pain in rejection.

The natural state of the soul is detachment. It knows your life path and sends you your lessons accordingly. Our lessons are learned from the choices that we make. Our choices are made from both our conscious and unconscious minds simultaneously. The ability to observe yourself within the experience of your lesson is the bird's eye viewpoint of the soul.

The lesson of rejection is trust. Our personalities call upon our soul's energy to access the quality of trust. What you learn to trust is that not everything you think you want is how you will best serve others or best be served. Within your rejection experience and its ensuing emotions lie the gift of a different possibility that you may not have thought of. The possibility will unfold for you when you let go of something. That something will be up to you as it is different for each of us.

Belief in the possibility that there is a better experience on the other side of your rejection coupled with trust, faith and surrender will see you through your rejection experience. You will see. Soon, what you were attached to will be a distant memory of your soul's lesson and something more will come along.



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