Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Life Lessons From Your Soul - Physical and Spiritual Proximity

No matter how near or far a person is from you in physical proximity, nothing can compare to the spiritual closeness inherent in the connection you have with them. The truth is that all of our souls are connected. The feeling of connection works to greater or lesser degrees based on the soul agreements we make with others in our soul groups. Nothing will keep souls apart who have agreed to work through something together.

The personality believes that near and far are relative terms. You can only be close with someone who lives in your town, state or general area. Maybe you open to the possibility of being close to someone within the same country in which you live. What ever you believe about location, physical distance and relationships will be the limits placed on closeness by your personality.

The soul knows that distance will never break the bond of souls. No matter what earthly obstacles ensue, you will be with whomever you have agreed to be with. It will happen somehow, some way.

Allow your personality to pay attention to the messages sent to you from the soul through your emotions and through the signs around you. Simply pay attention and trust that you will create with whomever you have agreed to be with. Remember that your souls may have only agreed to the time it takes to smile at someone or they may have agreed to a life time. You will know when you allow your agreement to unfold before you.


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