Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Life Lessons From Your Soul - Personal Evolution

Personal evolution happens through the partnership between the personality and the soul. The soul is what takes the lesson learned and evolves through the learnings of the personality. It is up to the personality to make the choices that are conducive to evolution.

Certain things seem to be required to help the soul's evolution through the personality. One major requirement is the personality has to first be able to see what it is doing to keep the soul from evolving. This is where honest, thoughtful, self observation comes into play. If you are unable to truly look at yourself and see how your actions effect others, your evolution will be slow and arduous. The tests will become harder and harder until you become honest with yourself. The truth absolutely will set you free.

So, what do you do? When you are in the midst of a test, look at your part in it. Admit where you manipulated, controlled or abused yourself others in your life. How did you do it and why? Admiting is the first step. You can admit what you have done all day long but the real challenge lies in being able to change it. You and only you can make the choice to change how you do things. It is possible but you must truly see what you have done.

The changes you do make will be done by the personality through your choices. Your soul knows what you need to pass the test at hand. It knows what you need to change and exactly how to do it. Allow your soul to lead you to the people, books, information, and situations that will best help you evolve. You will know when they present themselves because you will feel it. You will know you have mastered the test because eventually you will have the people in your life responding to you in a whole different way. It may take time but you have free will and you have the gift of a personality and a soul engaged in evolution together.


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