Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Life Lessons From Your Soul - Dreams

What are dreams? If we really only had five senses, it makes no logical sense that we can close our physical eyes and 'see' the movies that play within us that we call dreams.

To the personality, dreams are the ideas and thoughts we have around what we want to create in our lives. You may have the dream to be a famous writer or the best math teacher on faculty. Dreams of the personality are wishes we have for the things we want in our human lives.

Our dreams as we sleep come from a different place. They come as symbolic messages from the soul. The soul works in symbolism, metaphor and feeling. Perhaps the most important aspect of a dream is what feeling it invokes in you. How you felt in the dream is what stays with you after you awake - especially when you have the most vivid of dreams. The lesson lies in the feeling. The feeling is experienced through the emotion that the soul communicates to you through the personality.

Pay attention to your dreams - both waking and sleeping. They can hold the keys to your life lessons.


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