Monday, May 22, 2006

Life Lessons From Your Soul - Soul Mates

What is a soul mate? Most people believe that it is a romantic partnership that includes a connection far beyond just having life goals in common. Some say that you can have more than one soul mate and that we travel through lifetimes in soul groups. We meet again and again to experience the lessons of life and evolution with one another. We find each other housed in new shells with our personalities getting to know one another again in each lifetime that we commit to creating with one another.

The purpose of the soul mate relationship is for evolution. We evolve through what we can teach one another. When you ask for a soul mate, you can receive one in any packaging possible. They may be your mother, your sister, your teacher, your best friend. You know them by how you feel about them. There is a depth of connection that cannot be put into words. What ever you came in to work on together will be revealed. Your soul mate may be your most difficult relationship or it may be your easiest. You may complete your agreement in a few years or five hundred lifetimes.

The soul mate relationship is just as varied as any relationship can be. The major difference is the feeling. It will be felt and acknowledged by both parties. There is an agreement that is felt and can only be identified by those involved.

My soul mate is Isabel Young Maisano. We met at a birthday party when we were four and she moved next door to me when we were six years old. She now lies in a hospital bed recovering from her heart stopping and a coma. What we agreed to is unfolding each day as my life dramatically shifts. One thing I know is that I will do anything to help her in her time of need. I will help her children and her family in what ever they need. There is a depth of love unparalled by any other relationship I have had to date. What can I say? She's my soul mate.

(the picture was taken in Central Park in October of 2004. Meg and Isabel have a great love of New York City. We cannot wait to return!)


At 6:31 PM, Blogger Harts in Columbus said...

Isabel, Scott and the kids are so blessed to have you there to comfort them and support the healing process for all of them. I have enjoyed reading your blogs and your website during the last 22 days. It is so difficult to be so far away in times like this, even though I know that our thoughts and prayers transcend the distance. I am hoping and praying that Isabel just needed a really long nap, and this was the only way she was going to get it. . . hopefully, she's rested and able to join us again!

Thanks for being such a great friend and soul mate to Isabel.

Isabel's sister Vicky

At 10:25 PM, Blogger Dr. Meg Haworth said...

Hi Vicky,
Thanks so much for writing. Isabel is the best person I have ever known - and her kids ar incredible. I couldn't be anywhere else but here helping in any way I can. I feel very blessed that I moved back to LA just last September. There's always a plan and it's rarely what we 'think' it will be! She definitely needed a long nap and things must change so she can get what she needs every day. I am sure there will be many changes. The coma as a wake up call - what an irony! My fist book is all about this (soon to be out in a workbook series). Please take care and thank you for writing.
Love, Meg

At 5:38 PM, Blogger jeannine said...

Blessings again Meg,
It is truly a gift and an honor to walk with you as experience fully who you are and who you are becoming. You are showing us how to surrender to the pain and uncertainty of life while trusting that there is Light now and at the end of the tunnel. I hope that you feel the love and support of all us who are reading your words so they will lift you and all those in Isabels life as you take one day at a time. Thank you for including her picture. Now we can send her love and light even more intently. J

At 10:44 PM, Blogger Dr. Meg Haworth said...

Thank you Jeannine. Your light is of great intensity and purity. The whole family appreciates your prayers. I appreciate you. You are a lovely soul and a terrific personality!
Love, Dr. Meg


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