Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Life Lessons From Your Soul - Unexplainable Choices

Some choices are made long before you find yourself participating in them. These choices are the most difficult to comprehend. The feeling is that there was no choice. This feeling is derived from the nebulous and powerful force called fate.

We may be quick to write off the unexplained choice as a stupid mistake. We can allow the overwhelming negative emotion that prevails to over rule what the soul is trying to tell us. When we allow the negative emotion (aka teaching emotion) to over ride the calling of our hearts, we can miss the lesson our soul is showing us.

In the movie "The Matrix" the Oracle says; "You cannot see beyond a choice you do not understand." This is truth. When you find yourself within the experience of this truth, pay attention to the emotions that have shown up to teach you.

Remember that your emotions connect your personality with your soul. The soul knocks on the door of your heart. It is up to your personality to make the choices going forward that lead you to the understanding of your unexplainable choice.

Know that what often seems like a powerless choice can actually be the most powerful one you can make. Call upon the power of surrender to allow the subsequent choices to unfold before you.

You cannot make a wrong choice. When you enter the mystery of your choice, you enter the conscious evolutionary process of your developing soul.


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