Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Life Lessons From Your Soul - Listening

There are different ways that we listen to others while they are trying to communicate with us. First, we listen with our own perceptions of the world and how it works. Your perceptions are both a product of your personality (human environment) and your soul (spiritual self).

Most of us listen with our personalities as we think about what we are going to say to the person who is talking while they are still talking. Some of us don't even give the person sitting in front of us that much. Some of us don't even notice what the other person just said because we are so engrossed in our own reality, ideas and information. Others of us may only listen without believeing that what you may have to say in return is unimportant. Then, perhaps you won't be heard no matter what you say.

There are many listening styles. One who listens from the soul is one who is truly interested in the essesnce of what the person is sharing. Soul listening involves also hearing what is being said while also feeling what the other person is communicating.

For instance, one of the functions of the soul is feeling. Another function of the soul is seeing pictures in your head while something is being described to you. When you are listening, truly listening with depth, what is being said will be felt, heard, seen and known. The other person's journey in life will become the focus of your world rather than you being the focus of what will be said next.

Soul listening does not require that you don't get to share. All it means is that you listen differently. When both people are listening from this sacred focus on the other, your conversations will soar and so will your soul.


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