Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Life Lessons From Your Soul - Romantic Love

February is the month of love and Saint Valentine's Day is the day of celebration of love of all kinds. Romantic love is what most people think about on this chosen day of love. What is romantic love anyway?

In many ways, romantic love is a delicious, tasty illusion that brings two souls together for the purpose of creation and evolution. A romantic partner is one of the greatest opporutnites for us to evolve as souls through our personalities. They reflect back to us what we love about ourselves and eventually, they show us what we don't love all that much. Our romantic partners are our wayshowers to help us unveil who we really are through presenting us with healing opportunities.

Romantic love can lead you down many pathways. You may have the experience of mad, passionate, head over heels craziness. You may have a tumlutuous, thunder clap of dizzying madness. You may have a love unrequited. You may have a smooth, easy, peaceful ride on calming seas or you may have a tiny spark that grows into a roaring fire over time.

What ever leads you into a romatic partnership comes from what the two created in the past and desire to create for the future. You may experience many emotions in romance that bring you to this connection with another. How ever it happens for you, is your story or pathway to love and relationship. Each path will be different.

The dizziness, hormones, craziness and passion usually subside over time. This does not always mean you are no longer 'in love' with your mate. It simply means that the nature of your love is shifting to a more realistic rendering of relationship. Look at what you do have with one another. Do you honor, respect, enjoy and have faith in one another? These qualities of the spirit will see you through the smoldering embers of your beginnings. As you grow these qualities in your partnership, you will create a lasting, deep and meaningful bond of two souls who have come together to evolve with one another.

Happy Valentine's Day!



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