Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Life Lessons From Your Soul - Meaning

There is a popular teaching out there in the self-help world that says; "Nothing means anything except what you make it mean." For me, this phrase always carried feeling of being devoid of something very important. 'Nothing' and 'anything' carry with them a finality that is inescapable. One of the biggest deep-seated fears of the human existance is, in fact, nothingness which can translate into meaninglessness. Pretty soon, one can feel dug into a hole by the limited nature of such expressions.

The above mentioned expression can absolutely be true when you place meaning upon a locket that your Grandmother gave to you. But does that locket no longer have meaning when it's no longer in your possession? Does it lose its meaning sitting in your jewelry box or if you find out something terrible about your Grandmother? There seems to be an arrogance to the expression that assumes that only humans can lend meaning to things. The expression is wholely human and without Divinity. That's why it feels empty . . .

To reframe the expression into truth, it would go something like this: "Everything has meaning whether you know what it is or not." The mountains and sky do not get their meaning from me. They are inherent with deep meaning because they are a part of the all that is. Everything is a part of the Divine. I may lend them deeper meaning than the person sitting next to me but that comes from my personality. The truth is felt with the unending energy of the soul.

When you feel limited by a popular expression that does not ring of truth to you, it is an expression that comes from the impermanent personality. When you feel set free from the expressions that fall upon your ears and heart, you have heard an undeniable message of the soul. If you feel the void in something, you can examine it for truth. When you discover the truth, you then fill the void with love.



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