Thursday, September 07, 2006

Life Lessons From Your Soul - The Unconscious Mind

So much has been surmised about the unconscious mind that there seems to be little left to be said. The unconscious is that of which we are unaware. For each person, the level of conscious awareness differs depending on their personal evolutionary state. Consciousness simply refers to awareness. As you become more aware, you become more conscious.

I have come to believe, with much introspection and observation of myself and others, that the unconscious mind is actually the soul communicating to us through our actions and reactions. So many seem to think that the unconscious mind is the sabatoging protagonist in our life stories. It's sets out to attack us at every turn to 'show us' who is in charge. What we do not know seems to run the show of our lives.

Perhaps the unconscious mind is far more innocuous than many give it credit for. Perhaps it is simply the soul's way of saying "Hey look, here is something for you to learn from . . ." Perhaps we attract the experience of our lives through what we do not know in order to bring forth what we need to know. If we are here to learn and evolve, the unconscious mind/soul is the greatest teacher to our deeper understanding and evolutionary process.

The personality will invariably place its judgements on the unconscious mind. That is to be expected. If the personality works in dualities like judgement and mercy, then the soul must find a way to resolve the conflict of the personality. It sends the lesson by bringing into the conscious what may have been unconscious for our learning, not for our punishment. The lesson is to extract the vital essence of the story and move on through becoming more conscious.