Sunday, October 29, 2006

Life Lessons From Your Soul - Becoming Who You Are

Do you know who you are and why you are here? Do you ever wonder what your life purpose is and what it would be like to live the life of your dreams?

To become who you are is to honor the deepest stirrings of your heart. It is to live the life you know has always been waiting for you. We all have dreams and visions of what will bring us fulfillment. It is innate in each one of us and is carried within the mission of our souls.

For those who know it is there but still seem unable to live that mission, there is something to identify and clear away within your personality first. Dr. Meg has created a workbook series called Become Who You Are: The Stages of Spiritual Development that will help you do just that. The series contains over a decade of self and client study that blends the personality with the soul in a brilliant tapestry of feeling, meaning and truth. There are three workbooks that will dramatically enhance your life's journey. You can purchase these workbooks at

Also available in Dr. Meg's Online Store are t-shirts, journals and bags to inspire and remind you to Become Who You Are and Just Be That AND . . . for a limited time, Dr. Meg is offering a FREE one hour telephone session with the purchase of all 3 workbooks. Go to for details and to purchase the series today!!