Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Life Lessons from Your Soul - Being Spiritual

I hear many people say "He's so spiritual" or "She's so deeply spiritual". It's as if there's a point of measurement for what being spiritual is, as if you can have an amount of it. Give me a heaping helping of being spiritual, please.

What is being spiritual? How does one measure spirituality? Is being spiritual found in the kinds of food you eat or how often you meditate in an ashram? Is being spiritual about the number of books you read or how much you pray? No. You may connect with your spirit through meditation, prayer, ashrams or through spiritual teachers but none of those things are ways to determine just how spiritual you are.

Being spiritual is coming to know yourself as a part of divine consciousness. One reveals your spiritual nature within the mysteries of discovering yourself as God. It is in the delving within the self that we can each attain true freedom through knowing ourselves as an emanation and reflection of the divine. No one, not even you can measure where you are within that awareness.

You may sense that you are further developed in knowing yourself as God than the person sitting in front of you. But, that is never meant to be a way to further separate you from those around you. Separation through competition of being "better" than others is hard enough to deal with around five sensory, unconscious beings. Entering spiritual superiority provides no room for true growth in our ever advancing world of consciousness.

Look honestly at you and your spiritual life. Are you feeling superior to the pastor next door? Are you thinking Jane in apartment 510 is nowhere near as advanced as you are? Do you believe your parents are beneath you because you are awake and they are not?

We are, all of us, spiritual beings in varying degrees of consciousness. We have the ability to weild our free will to love and accept others - as they are - where ever they are. That same free will power is used to help each one of us choose to develop ourselves further. Wield your will wisely and choose to reveal yourself for you.

Afterall, you are a spiritual being having a human experience. Choose wisely. It is one of your greatest spiritual powers.

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