Saturday, May 05, 2007

Life Lessons from Your Soul - Letting Go

It seems there's always something coming up to let go of. There's perhaps a relationship that is not beneficial to you any longer that must be released, there's a pattern that continually occurs that must be severed or there's a house full of clutter that has to be cleared. What ever is in your life that must go, it is there for your learning, growth and development.

Only you can make the choice to release something. Even if another person fires you from a job, breaks off a relationship, or seems to take something from you that hurts, it is up to you to let go of the ensuing emotions that come with it.

It is the emotional attachment you have to the pattern, the person, the thing or even your own self deprecation that can keep you heavy laden and locked up. When you find that emotion - say it is anger - ask it why it is there? What lesson does it bring with it? Why do you hold on to it and how can you let it go? Extract the essence of the lesson, release it from your mind, body and spirit and let it go.

When you have truly released the thing that seemed impossible to go, you will know because you will now see a new experience coming to you that is lighter than the last. You have created the opportunity for a more evolved energy to enter your heart. You have said no to the old idea and showed the Universe you are ready for the new.

Does it mean it will all be easy and perfect now. No. You can bet it will be perfect in what ever form comes to you as it will be exactly what you need.

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