Monday, November 19, 2007

Life Lessons From Your Soul - Holiday Family Tips

Holiday's traditionally bring out the child within as we visit parents, siblings and extended family members to celebrate the honored tradition of our families through holiday togetherness. This is the time of the year when colds are caught, aches and pains are more painful and general emotional swings are had by many.

Our families of origin bring out the best and the worst in us. They are the original teachers who awaken the patterns we travel into this life with. Parents and siblings are the wayshowers of our dark sides. The darkness is simply there to teach about the lightness of who we really are. As we struggle with the classic battle within us between the negative and positive emotions, we energetically choose family that will help us develop our personalities to evolve into the treasures of our souls.

So, here are some things to think about as you spend time with family:

Families will trigger you into the negative aspects of your personality until you choose the power of your soul to bring light to the situation. If you are playing to an old drama with your mom, for instance, in which she brings up your irritability, please know that you do not have to remain a slave to that old pattern. Your greatest triumph in that pattern will come when you have accepted that your mom is like that and you cannot change how she relates to you. You can, however change how you relate to the old drama and how you relate to your mother.

You can change this pattern through accessing acceptance by inviting it into the drama. When acceptance of yourself is present, it becomes easier to accept your mother. One way to accept her is to appreciate her. Take your irritation and turn it into appreciation. Make a list of what she is great at. Be grateful you have a mother who wants you there with her during the holidays. Be grateful that she has a home for you to come to. Find anything and everything to be grateful for when it comes to your mom. Notice her wonderful qualities and how you express them in your daily life. Stick with this no matter how hard it may be for you.

The soul expresses itself in qualities. Your mother passed her qualities to you - or more accurately - you already had these qualities and attracted your mother to bring them out in you. Focus on what ever those qualities may be - enthusiasm, acceptance, diplomacy, kindness, loving, caring, thoughtfulness, appreciation. Those are all qualities of the soul that the personality has the free will to access and expand upon any time you desire to.

If you are aware enough that you have attracted this article into your sphere, know that you are the one who has what you need to shift the dynamics between you and your family members. Each one of them has their perceptions, their point of view on the dramas that occur. Do not forget that they operate from thier point of view just as you do. They are likely not self aware and cannot see the drama from the perspecitve of the observer - the soul as you can. You have this level of awareness. See the drama for the illusion that it is and make a different choice - choose love.

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