Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Life Lessons from Your Soul - Unexpected Change nearing 40

My friend Tuck - The Rebel Belle uses a tool called Human Energy Design. Last week I was on a free teleseminar with her about the different energy types within this complex system of interpreting human energy.

I am a Manifesting Generator. Tuck says this type "rules the world!" (She is one too!) She says that many people will watch us go through our lives in dismay at how we make our choices and lead our lives. They may think we don't stick with things or are flighty. The truth is we are just being led by our powerful energy centers to go, create, do and become. It helped me to learn this. I have been this way all of my life and have annoyed people - like my parents - who never understood me. Worse yet, I tried to change to fit the mold of how I was 'supposed' to be. It was an Rx for misery. It helped to know it was in my energy make-up. Tuck went on to share that when we are presented with an idea, there is an immediate response with an "uh-uh" (no!) or an "uh-huh" (yes!)

The most recent unexpected shift in my life came the day Starla Fortunato took my pictures. I feel - for the first time - they really show how I look - soul and all. She really captured ME. The 'unexpected thing' happened during the day long shoot. I kept seeing a website with the pictures from the shoot on it. It was a website for modeling & acting??? What??? Where did that come from???

I felt that drive to get the photos out there to casting agencies and so I did. It was a big 'uh-huh' in my gut. I also had numerous people tell me I should model after seeing the pictures. I got the first job I applied for - a commercial for Heinz. I play a mom at a picnic. It is what is called a 'Spec Commercial'. That translates into 'no pay' BUT, I can begin to make a reel, gain experience and have something to show the big guns so I can get paying jobs. Evidently, that is what they recommend in a business where they want a reel before you can even land a job.

So why is Dr. Meg doing this? The huge "uh-huh" was the biggest part of why for me. I allow my life to be guided by that. It is in walking into the lesson that I learn about the why. The next reason is that I am in my office one-on-one or by myself most of the time. I love people and I thought this would be a great way to meet them. I also think this could be alot of fun! AND, if it can grow my financial prosperity - BRING IT ON!!!

I never know what the plan for me may be. Goal setters out there may be gasping at the moves I make. I think you're a different type! I have my goals and everything I do supports them even when it looks like they don't. I try the "uh-huh" and regroup if it doesn't work long haul. If you want to know your type, go to Tuck Self's website at . It is free to get the chart done. I recommend you have Tuck interpret it further for you. She's great!

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At 7:05 AM, Blogger Tuck, The Rebel Belle said...

OMG! You rock..and thank you for giving this oh so grateful Manifesting Generator something to respond to...thank you for your testimony of your strategy! Yes!! You waited to respond, "tried the response on", it felt correct to you..and you are off and running. I have no doubt my dear beautiful Meg that you will rock this world with your modeling. You are incredibly beautiful inside and out. I am blessed beyond measure to have you in my mentor, friend and playmate in this game of life!


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