Monday, September 03, 2007

Life Lessons from Your Soul - Things to be

Lately I have been in creation mode. I have been getting a new website developed. I have been meeting with amazing people who are possible partners for me and my work (details to come). I have been setting a schedule for fall. I am taking Chellie Campbell's Financial Stress Reduction Workshop - and I completed three commercials for Heinz Kethcup. None of them made the final cut but they were a huge blast of fun and creativity. To view them, click on the following links:

In November, I fly to DC for Thanksgiving with my family. I will also be going to Columbia South Carolina to work with clients and to teach a workshop. I will be in Columbia from the 14th-19th of November. I will be working in Dr. Darcy Luadzers office on Calhoun Street across from the Governers Mansion on Friday and Saturday of that weekend. Please call or e-mail to schedule a session with me. That Sunday, I plan to conduct a workshop on my newest program "Earth School; Life Lessons from Your Soul". I will let everyone know where it is going to be.

From November 19-27, I will be in Arlington, Virginia with my family. I will see clients in the DC area on Friday and Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend. That Sunday, I will conduct the same workshop for the folks in DC. I am so excited about this trip!!!

In December, I will be in Houston, Texas for my Nephew's wedding on the 15th. But first, I go to Austin, Texas where I will be working with clients and also conducting a my Earth School workshop. I will be in Austin the weekend of the 8th of December. I will also see individual clients there. I am truly thrilled to be traveling, teaching, speaking and working with clients. Folks, this is my dream life. Everyone who comes to see me or takes my workshop - I thank you all for making my dream come true!! You are all awesome!!!

Another great thing that is happening is that I have the absolute honor of being invited to world class editor, Stephanie Gunning's anthology on creativity. She invited about 25 of her favorite writer friends and clients and I was one of them!!! I am thrilled to share this with you. I will let you all know when that book comes out. Thanks to everyone of you who help me be me in this world!! Things just keep getting better all the time! See Stephanie's work at

Go listen to the radio show too!! The show gets better every week. I love doing it and I am so very comfortable with the show. Listen at

What's up with you all???? Write me and keep me posted!

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At 2:53 PM, Blogger John W. McKenna said...


This may seem a little off post for your blog, but I have been surprised by the range of bloggers who have praticipated.

So, you’ve been tagged for the “Does Most Leadership Suck Challenge”. Check the link for details.

Take care...


At 10:20 PM, Blogger Monday Morning Power said...

Also off topic.............
I believe that by just being a part of “Priscilla Palmer’s Personal Development list” suggests that each of us post this list. You like me (Killeris at “Attitude, the Ultimate Power”) are on this list. If you have already posted it, THANK YOU. If you have not posted it, I am officially putting out a challenge that you add additional sites that fit the theme and post the entire list. This is my opinion only. If you disagree I respectfully understand. If you do agree with me this list can be found at:

BTW, it is from this list that Joh has been tagging everyone, including me.

At 6:35 AM, Blogger Tuck, The Rebel Belle said...

Hey Meg..Dena and I have watched your 3rd video 5 times, and each time were laughing our asses off. It's hilarious. I love it. Well done!

Tuck, The Rebel Belle
A Southern Voice for Bold Self-Expression

At 7:21 AM, Blogger Tuck, The Rebel Belle said...

Hi Dr. Meg,
I'm paying tribute to the fabulous mentors, coaches and teachers who've made a huge difference in how I boldly express my voice to the world. And, of course the one and only Dr. Meg is on my list.
I'd love for you to post my list on your blog, and add to that list, the individuals who've made a difference to you. Be sure to link to my blog post when you do. I'll add your favorites onto mine. You rock oh Belle with Balls!


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