Thursday, November 16, 2006

Life Lessons From Your Soul - Visualizing What you Desire

It is a popularly held belief in personal development that if you visualize something, anything, you can create it into being. So, we all see the man we desire, the home we want to live in the monetary goal we want to achieve. We sit in our homes with our eyes closed and we say our affirmations over and over to get what we desire.

When we practice visualization and it does not come to fruition, we can feel like we failed. When we affirm things and they don't come into physical reality, we can get frustrated with our ideas about how things 'should' happen.

Frustration and failure are just the messengers sent to you to learn to let go of something. What if the something you are being asked to let go of is the expectation that things should come to you in exactly the way you picture them? What if all you did was to take your personalities' need to control a situation and just placed that on your spiritual development as well as your life circumstances?

The personality will want to control the way things happen. The soul is fluid. It functions best when the personality lets go of what it thinks it should have in order to be happy, prosperous, beautiful and meaningful.

You don't have to stop picturing what you desire to create or stop setting goals. Just know that things come in the form that is best suited for your learning and development. That form is perfect in and of itself - even if it does not produce a joy ride for you.

Just trust that the lessons that are coming your way are best for you. Being conscious does not mean that you will control how things come to you through your personality. Being conscious means that you will allow all things to come to you and trust that they are here for your evolution and growth as a soul.